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Hi, I'm Kim

You know it's time to lose the weight and you've decided to do it. 

You may be confused and wondering where to start. You've tried so many diets, and maybe even lost some weight, but you haven't been able to stick to them long term. My story is the same. Each time I lost weight, I gained it back plus more. I found myself at almost 60 years old and ready to try again.


Once I stopped dieting and followed a few simple guidelines, I lost 30 lbs. and have kept it off at 65 years old.  

I gave up relying on willpower and counting calories. Instead of changing my entire life just to lose weight, I lost weight in a way that fits in with my life-including weekends, holidays, and vacations. 

Focusing on small changes meant those changes were more likely to stick and become part of my lifestyle. No more being on or off a diet.


As I started to feel better it was easier to focus on enjoying life now, instead of waiting to reach a certain number on the scale. 


As I've gotten older, my focus has shifted from wearing a certain size, to being able to remain healthy and active as I age. 

I felt strongly that other women needed to be able to do the same so I became certified as a Life and Menopause Coach so I could help other women in peri to post menopause get off the diet roller coaster. If you're ready, I'll be with you every step of the way. 

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